Ratusan terselamat selepas kandas di Bukit Broga – Bernama

Ratusan terselamat selepas kandas di Bukit Broga
20 Disember 2013

KUALA LUMPUR – Seramai 152 kanak-kanak dan remaja serta 40 kru penggambaran iklan sebuah syarikat berjaya diturunkan kira-kira 7.25 malam ini selepas mereka terperangkap beberapa jam berikutan hujan lebat di puncak Bukit Broga, Semenyih.

Penolong Penguasa Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Semenyih Khairul Anuar Yaacob berkata, pihaknya menerima panggilan kira-kira 3.15 petang tadi sebelum 11 anggota dari Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Semenyih dan Kajang dikejarkan ke tempat kejadian.

“Difahamkan, mereka naik ke bukit itu pada 5 pagi tadi untuk menjalani penggambaran iklan minuman dan gagal untuk turun ke kaki bukit berikutan hujan lebat petang tadi,” katanya ketika dihubungi di sini hari ini.

Katanya, kesemua mangsa diturunkan secara berperingkat bermula dengan kanak-kanak dan remaja.  – Bernama


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  1. Hi, actually the fireman was called by one of a worried parent due to the director who was “to passionate” to stop the shooting. The children (aged between 7 to 15) was given breakfast about 5.15am. Later they were assisted by the crew to climb up hill. Not only the children even the crew them self was surprise to see the 1.7km steep uphill challenging site! They start shooting at about 7.15am. The children were asked to run across thatch (lalang) field uphill about 200m on top of the Broga Hill. This activity continues 12.30pm when it stars to drizzle. The worried parent starts asking the crew to stop their activity because it will be slippery and dangerous once its rain. But the crew said they know what they are doing and they want to continue! At 1.30pm one of the worried parent informed the person in charge (the crew call him the Charlie the bugs bunny) that he is about to call the Police if they don’t stop the shooting. Charlie dares the worried parent, and he said that he is not afraid of any police. At about 1.45pm it started to rain heavily. Mothers who were waiting under a tent downhill starts to cried hysterically. As the crew refuse to stop shooting! The worried parent called 999 and reported the incident at about 2.00pm. Knowing that the parent actually called the police they stop the shooting and starts their journey to come down. Unfortunately at that time the route down is too slippery not to mention its raining cats and dog. Due to panic, knowing the authority is on the way, they slide the children down just like in Sunway Lagoon along the ditch, only this slide is not as smooth, it is on mud, sand and rock! Not to mention if they miss a curve, the children would fell in the deep ravine (gaung)! At about 2.45pm the children starts to come down soaking wet, with cuts and bruises some of them cried and shivering of course. The parents were more furious as they learn that the children were only given some plain water and no food! Imagine running in a open field for about 8 hours without food! When the parents asked Charlie the Bugs Bunny, he said that they did that to avoid the kids to urinate or defecate because the nearest toilet is about 2 km downhill. The Fireman from Semenyih arrived at site about 3.00 pm. Charlie the Bugs Bunny starts to run around carrying balls, doing damage control, talking to the Fireman & police convincing them it is under control. At that time he admitted to the police that he didn’t even inform the authorities or even the nearest police station of their filming activities on the Broga Hill. Actually I am surprise why this cheapskate and incompetent company just get away with this kind of attitude! They arrogantly did not apologize for the incident and didn’t even pay kids even a single cent till now. I think this is the main reason why there is a lot of avoidable tragedy happen in Malaysia. Even with the help of experts like the Fireman it takes more than 5 hours to take every one down. Just imagine if no one alert the authority!

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